Post Caravan Philosophy

September 6, 2004

The Post Caravan name came about from the idea that Gerry and I were going on a pre caravan to the National Square Dance convention (Lewis & Clark) and someone remarked that ours was going to be post convention and to keep it short, it became " Post Caravan".

The philosophy of the caravan will be aimed at square dancers who like to dance and socialize. The Coy's and the Hardy's planned to go to Alaska and see the sites and do some dancing, so we thought other's might enjoy the same.

We will try to travel no more than 200-250 miles a day and limiting the number of rigs to 15- 18. Using mostly private commercial campgrounds with services, we will follow major highways and routes that most caravan's frequent. Getting to Alaska will be a priority, so that a minimum amount of time will be spent driving thru British Columbia and the Yukon. We will of course stop at some significant points of interest and of course there will be square dancing along the way. We will spend several weeks in Alaska seeing the sites and square dancing at five locations.

After touring Alaska, we will again head south, moving along thru the Yukon and BC Canada arriving back at Dawson Creek, BC Canada. Their will be opportunities to relax on some days or site see, if you wish. Some activities will be group oriented. After Alaska and on our way south there will be an opportunity to leave the caravan and take side trips, if one desires to extend the caravan. The Coy's and the Hardy's will be heading home from Dawson Creek.

At this time it seems like the Hardy's will stay in Canada and head east, while the Coy's will head south to the US and east after returning to the USA.

Reservations will be made for significant attractions, that require long advanced commitments. The attractions that do not require long advanced reservations will be left up to the caravan members. (A listing of local attractions will be provided) Meals will be mostly done on an individual basis, with several pot luck dinners and several group meals-out planned. But most of the caravaner's will be on their own for meals. We will be in campgrounds in large cities frequently enough to shop every couple days. Not every campground will have restaurants, so some meals should be planned in one's RV.

The " Post Caravan" website will be the main source to communicate with caravan participants. Postage will be kept to a minimum. All the campground reservations will be done by the leaders, as well as square dances planning and some events reservation commitments. We will provide a daily itinerary with details for the days travel before we leave in June 2005. A more general listing of our itinerary will be posted on the website in September 2004.


Chuck & Gerry Hardy

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